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I have a vision of a community of strong women, transforming their lives through creative self-expression. Healing the self, through creative self-expression, enables us to be stronger, more resilient and more useful in creating a world that works for everyone. It is up to each of us to do our healing work and then, in turn, offer a hand up to those who come after us.

I made a decision a few years ago to live a much more creative life. I had extricated myself from a very unhealthy relationship and woke up to the fact that I was not living like I wanted to be living. As I healed, I learned what it was like to have my own preferences. I learned what it meant to choose something I liked, for me, without having to run it through my mind whether someone else would not be okay with my decision. An unhealthy relationship, combined with many years of devoted mothering, I had lost what it meant to know what I liked and to feel in general.

I set myself a goal to create a Facebook post each day of an art journal page. The “30-day art journal challenge”. It was fun, it helped me focus, and it helped improve my techniques. Most importantly, I was being courageous. Bravely putting my sometimes very personal thoughts, in the form of art journaling, out for the public to see. I sometimes think it would have been easier if complete strangers saw my art, instead of ACTUAL people I know and work/live/play with. (such an introvert!)

I bravely posted. Doing so opened me up to others. I let them in on who I was, a bit at a time. It was safe. Safer than I thought it would be. And it opened me up to new possibilities. I fell in love with art journaling. I’ve been an avid art journaler since and have expanded into mixed media. That 30-day challenge jump started my creativity and I’ve been a crazed maker of all sorts of things ever since.

The 30-day challenge also opened me up to new possibilities in my personal life. I started to imagine a different life. To dream bigger dreams. To believe again, that anything was possible. Connecting to my art-making moved me out of depression. It healed me and continues to heal me. The creative process is my passion. My vision is to facilitate that creative connection in as many people as possible.