About Sue Dyson:

I’m a multi-passionate lover of the evolving self. The point of Life is to¬†LIVE, to EXPAND, to ENJOY all that life has to offer. I love love LOVE to create, whether it’s writing, facilitating workshops, crocheting, knitting, creating mixed media art, art journaling, my hands are rarely still. Ironically, for me, busy hands create a still mind. It’s where and how I connect with the Greater Goodness.

I’m a devoted mother of three lovely humans. I am a Nana to one beautiful toddler.

I am a Licensed Desire Map Facilitator and my Core Desired Feelings are Dynamic, Generosity and Grace + Ease. I am passionate about helping YOU find your core desired feelings and to begin to live a life created on purpose.

I live in Campbell River on beautiful Vancouver Island, British Columbia. I have access to the ocean whenever I want. I am surrounded by lush forests, perfect for rejuvenating a weary soul. Mountains as far as the eye can see.

About this site:

I have a vision that includes a community of strong women, transforming their lives through creative self-expression.  Creativity takes courage, said Matisse. Situations requiring courage are best held, in my opinion, in community. Our connections are what make us stronger, more resilient and capable. You are invited to join the Creative Expression Circle (sign up is below) and/or follow me on social media. Together we rise. Together, creating and transforming our beautiful selves, we CAN create the world we desire. Please join me for a steady flow of inspiration from myself and others in the community.

Healing the self, through creative self-expression, enables us to be stronger, more resilient and more useful to creating a world that works for everyone. It is up to each of us to do our healing work and then, in turn, offer a hand up to those who come after us.

Sue Dyson