socratesSocrates, wise old dude, said it best: “Know Thyself”. Looks like he knew how to have a good time, no? It’s also been said that is the one purpose, the one reason we are here. To know ourselves. Here’s how I’ve got it figured (wink wink)…

We know everything, then we incarnate (come into a physical body), and we forget how fabulous we are and we spend the rest of our lives discovering, uncovering, the true joy of who and what we really are.

Sound like fun?

It’s supposed to be! It CAN be.

Oh, but we like to suffer…we make ourselves forget to remember our joy. We hold onto beliefs that no longer serve us. We throw obstacles up all the time, preventing, disallowing, our joy to flow through us.

Crazy-fun, right?

Uh, not so much. Still, for me, anyway, it’s been the journey. I’ve allowed myself to be crankin’ and actually getting to a place of late where I can say to myself, “Whoa, look at me go! Look at me being all cranky, pretending I’m not Love and Light.”

Hilarious, when you think about it.

And we’ll argue ourselves into an absolute tizzy, won’t we? We get so attached to how we THINK Life really is, we’ll argue ourselves right out of how Life ACTUALLY is…Love, Light, Goodness, Beauty…all that. And more.

So where to start? Here’s my two cents: Start with what you love. If you’ve been through the emotional washing machine, you might have NO idea what you love. And I’m not talking kids. I mean, what activity drives you into forgetting time? What do you love to spend your time doing where you’re not thinking about anything, where you’re totally lost in the moment, unaware of time?

It might be a number of things. If you’re not feeling full-on passion about anything in particular, don’t despair. It might take a little while to reconnect with your feeling center. Just start small. You don’t have to be passionate about it, but it helps if you can find something you LIKE to do. For me, I love writing. I discovered a love for painting and art journaling. I found I lose myself in knitting and crochet. Or movie-watching. Drawing. I have a lot I can draw on now. It wasn’t always that way.

When I was barely surviving in an unhealthy relationship, I didn’t have the energy to do what nourished me. I was busy trying to survive. I shut down and stopped feeling anything. It was easier that way. It also cost me. Big time. It took awhile to recover who I was, to recover my creative self. For years it felt unsafe to be who I was, to enjoy the things in life that brought me joy, all because I chose to believe I was not the loving, powerful, delicious being that I am. When I removed myself from the relationship, I created more space to breathe. Slowly, I began to return to myself. Doing activities that brought me joy nourished my soul. As a lovely side-effect, I became the better version of myself, and a better mother.

Do what you love. It doesn’t mean you have to make that your life’s work. It is, however, the key to finding your life’s work. You’re in recovery. It takes a little time. A little time to allow your joy, to decide that you’re going to believe you really are worthy, beautiful and brilliant. I already know it. C’mon…catch up with me. Leave a comment below and share with me at least one thing you know you lose track of time doing.