Last night was a repeat of many nights before. I did nothing toward my business and vegged instead. I have been perpetuating this particular story that I am worn out and exhausted after working my day job and, therefore, have nothing left to give TO MY DREAM.

What a disservice this does to me. What an act of anti-self-love. How can I do that to myself? In order to bring to Life, we must believe even MORE in the Unseen as we do to what is already visible. What is seen, visible, has already been created. Focusing one’s attention on what has already been created will not enable anything new to come into existence in a conscious way. This applies to ANYTHING we desire to create. A crocheted afghan. A sewn skirt. A mug on the pottery wheel. A chapter of a book. Building a business you love.

I am reminded of R. Buckminster Fuller’s quote that I shared in the newsletter last week. (Not on the list? Everyone is welcome.) He stated that we need to build a more compelling model than the present model we wish to change.

When I crochet an afghan, it will not get made by looking at the other afghan’s I’ve already brought into existence. Seems overly simple, doesn’t it? It works the same way whether you are wanting to create a life you love, work you love, or relationship you desire. Focusing on your current circumstances will not change your circumstances. Lift your vision UP. Look forward to what you desire. Envision the finished project/product/circumstance that you desire. Feel your energy IN and AS that finished project/product/circumstance. Build a more compelling model, focus your energy (attention) on it, and feel yourself being pulled into that compelling model.

Daily, visceral reminders work for me. Reminders of what I am creating, why I’m creating it and how I desire to feel. I need these reminders because I find it way too easy to slip back into old thought habits of “not good enough” or “don’t change”, and “stay safe”. While I may feel temporarily envious for those who appear to not have this as an issue, it’s a natural, human reaction to change. But really, let’s look at what’s really going on as we flex our new muscles.  Our subconscious is just doing it’s job of keeping us safe and small. There is a certain vibration of energy to this smallness. Creating something knew means we are consciously expanding our being into some greater or bigger version of ourselves. The being who went from “no crocheted afghan” to “crocheted an afghan”; the being who went from “working for someone else and not loving it” to “business owner and loving it”; the being who went from “small life” to “bigger, more fulfilling life”. The old thought patterns are a form of resistance. Overcoming the vibration of old habits make us STRONG and we expand our being.

Visceral reminders help. Post-it notes. Vision boards. Journaling (art and/or written). Digital reminder on your phone (Congratulations, your upcoming workshop is FULL! every day.) Mastermind groups. Accountability buddies. Remembering that an afghan is made one stitch at a time. Remembering that my business is being created one blog post at a time. That blog post is created one paragraph at a time, One sentence at a time. One thought at a time.

What ways do you remind yourself of the dream you are working towards? I’d love to hear from you in the comments below!