The whole effing, gorgeous point of desire mapping is to go after your intentions in ways that reflect your core desired feelings – soul-affirming, not soul-sucking. The goal-getting itself has to feel the way you most want to feel. – Danielle LaPorte, The Desire Map

I think many of us are so burnt out on the whole goal-setting/getting/achievement thing that rather than push through, which doesn’t FEEL GOOD at all, we drop out completely in our conscious creation of a life we love. And that means we’re leaving undelivered gifts on the table of Life when there are so many waiting recipients by virtue of us even possessing said gifts. And, frankly, we have a deep soul-entrenched RIGHT to a life we love.

Now, I get it. I get there are a TON of humans on this planet who may be miles away from living a life they love. Desire mapping is for anyone, anywhere, in whatever circumstances we may find ourselves in.

All I can do is think back to the years (years!) I spent wandering around in the privacy of my own mind, knowing something needed to change, not knowing what — or how — or if it was me, or them, or Life. I remember those years, the time before desire mapping. The time before I understood that I create my own reality. The time before I understood that my vibrational frequency influenced the outcome of circumstances. Significantly. It was a life without knowing my core desired feelings. Decisions were made based on my limited perception of how life was. Or how I believed it was supposed to be.

Fast forward, I have my core desired feelings in mind at all times. Dynamic. Generosity. Grace + Ease. It’s how I choose to live this one precious life of mine. Those core desired feelings will likely change. In fact, I would expect them to change as I evolve. It’s not that I expect to WANT more or different things. It’s not about the things. Core desired feelings change as you grow into satisfaction that you have reached your goals with soul. I used to have a core desired feeling of Freedom, until I felt I actually have what I want already. I have freedom…to choose…to make decisions for my own best interests. Freedom stopped being something outside of myself that I wanted. That’s what I love about desire mapping, too. It’s a very personal process. The feeling words have personal meanings. Nobody can say your core desired feeling is wrong or bad or misguided.

I invite you to join me for the upcoming Desire Map Workshop to discover your core desired feelings, being held in Campbell River, BC on July 22, 2016 at the beautiful Mind Body Fusion Yoga Shack. Click HERE for more details.