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What Does a Lame Horse Feel Like?

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Do you suspect your horse is lame?
Here we’ll show you how to fine-tune your riding senses to recognize lameness when you’re on your horse.

Myth Busting

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In this heavily illustrated and easy-to-navigate ‘myth busting’ guide, Dr Sue Dyson brings her decades of experience as a rider, trainer, and veterinary orthopaedic clinician to bear on a question that is likely to be relevant to many of us at some stage: Could my ridden horse’s behaviour be due to pain?

Covering a total of 33 ‘myths’ that are commonly repeated by riders, coaches, owners – and some vets – this guide clearly sets out the role that musculoskeletal pain can play in many equine behaviours. For example, is your horse spooky? Or buzzy? Do they buck when going into canter, or after a jump? Or maybe they are reluctant to stand still at the mounting block? Any of these problems may be caused by pain.


With two versions – one for veterinarians and one for those with no veterinary background – this document should help to debunk many of the myths that abound in the horse world: myths that are compromising our horses’ welfare, and jeopardising our social licence.

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