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World Horse Welfare webinar:

"Is my being a pain or in pain?"

From spooky dispositions to grumpy chestnuts, from lazy geldings to buzzy mares, Sue sheds light on what we, as owners and riders, may have missed when attempting to resolve commonly seen unwanted behaviours in our horses.

Sue was joined by Equine Behaviourist Rosa Verwijs, who shared her knowledge and experience on what we need to consider when our horse is consistently displaying a behaviour we would rather they didn’t. Both Sue and Rosa also explain how we can become better at understanding what our horses are really trying to tell us.


As always, the team answered questions from the live viewing audience at the end of the webinar.

Download the ‘myth busting’ guide here -


The Modern Rider:

Dr. Sue Dyson, veterinarian, President of the British Equine Veterinary Association, author

Is it possible that some signals that we interpret as bad mood or resistance in our horses are related to pain during riding? To address these questions and many more, today we are honored to have with us an authority on the matter. An equine veterinarian whose work has changed the way we understand and approach the well-being of our equine companions. Sue Dyson is known worldwide for her expertise in pain research in ridden horses. As a specialized veterinarian, she has dedicated her career to improving the quality of life for our equine friends. Today, she will join us to share her knowledge, debunk myths, and provide us with clearer insight into how we can ensure our horses' comfort and happiness during riding.


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